New Release: Samantha!

As her last semester of college begins, Samantha Carmichael is still recovering from a serious skiing accident at the winter Olympics, and still lusting after her faculty advisor Liam Ramsey. Liam has vetoed any romantic relationship between them, but as graduation nears it becomes harder and harder for them to resist each other. Liam has spent a whole year keeping his hands off Samantha, so why can’t he do it for another few weeks?

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New Release: Marie!

Marie, Book 4 of my Carmichaels series, releases today! And to celebrate Valerie, Book 3 will be free on Kindle for the weekend! You ready?


Marie Carmichael has to put her tennis career behind her. If her fear of flying means she can’t travel, then she can’t go pro. So after graduating from Stanford she moves home to Boulder to start a sports-writing career-- and she knows exactly who she wants to write about: Jared Mackinnon, star quarterback from UCLA who was just drafted by the Denver Pioneers. New to the NFL and still reeling from the media circus surrounding him in college, the last thing Jared needs now is more publicity. But can they keep their relationship professional when sparks start flying between them? This is Book 4 of a series on the five Carmichael sisters. It is a standalone novella that takes place five years after Book 1 so there will be spoilers! It contains sex scenes only intended for readers over 18.

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New Release: Valerie!



After being attacked by a stalker, Valerie Carmichael decides to give up modeling. But what will she do instead? While she tries to put her life back together she leans on the friendship of Adam Talbot, the doctor who treated her in the emergency room. Their friendship starts to develop into something stronger, but Valerie is just starting the emotional journey to feel safe again. Adam knows he shouldn’t pursue Valerie. She was his patient and now she needs a friend. When she and her sisters face another crisis he just wants to be there for her, but it only draws them closer together. This is Book 3 of a series on the five Carmichael sisters. It is a standalone novella that takes place five years after Book 1 so there will be spoilers! It contains sex scenes only intended for readers over 18.

New Release: Daisy!

Daisy, Book 2 of the Carmichael series, releases March 14th on Kindle!

To celebrate Corinne, Book 1, will be free to download from March 12-15!

The Carmichaels series follows the lives and loves of five privileged sisters, daughters of a Colorado senator considering a presidential campaign. Each novella is a standalone romance, though if read out of order there will be spoilers! The series is intended for readers over 18.



New! Cover release for Daisy!

Here's the cover for Daisy, out soon on Kindle! It's again done by the fabulous Little Book Designer, who designed the covers for the whole series at once-- so stay tuned! Daisy_Final

When Daisy Carmichael moves to New York to develop her online financial media site she knows Ben Kingston, the brilliant CEO of Boston Financial, could be an asset to her career. But can she get him to accept the intense connection they have to each other? When one of her sisters is threatened, Daisy realizes that her relationship with Ben has grown deeper and more complicated than she could ever have predicted. This is Book 2 of a series on the five Carmichael sisters. It is a standalone novella that takes place five years after Book 1 so there are spoilers! It contains sex scenes only intended for readers over 18.

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New Books from Avon Fan Lit!

Exciting news! Two books from the Avon FanLit crew will be out in November! The complete story, with chapters by Anne-Marie Rivers, Eve Marie Perry, Liana de la Rosa, Susannah Erwin, and Cheryl Tapper,  will reappear as a novella, Duke To Remember from Avon Books.

and contributor Maggie Dallen is releasing The Accidental Engagement with Kensington.

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Avon Fan Lit contest completed!

I made my personal goal of submitting all five chapters to the contest! The experience was great overall -- great practice writing quickly, dealing with prompts, and managing feedback. I read a lot of great entries and learned from them. And I found a great community of readers in the other writers. It was a small group (only about 30 who stuck with it) and everyone was amazingly supportive and generous. That said, I was disappointed in the lack of feedback from Avon editors. You can read all my entries here.

And you can read all the winning entries here.

New! Chapter one for AvonFanLit!

I'm participating in Avon's FanLit series A Duke to Remember through JukePop! For the next 12 weeks authors will upload chapters based on a common prompt and readers will vote on them. Then Avon editors will choose a winner and the writers will draft and upload the next set of chapters.... See the first prompt here:

See my first chapter here:

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I've been reading a lot of free romance ebooks recently -- or renting them from libraries. Anything contemporary or New Adult that I can get for free-- and doesn't instantly put me off (firemen, military anyone? ugh). I'm learning what I like and don't like in this genre. First, likes:

  • witty dialogue. That seems to be key to a connection between the characters. If they can't talk to each other then how believable is the relationship? Brenna Aubrey is good at this, and Courtney Milan's new contemporary Trade Me has an hilarious scene where our heroine "negotiates" with her billionaire boyfriend's father to break up with him....The boyfriend seems to enjoy it as much as we readers do.
  • getting inside the heads or points of view of both hero and heroine, even if the book stays in the third-person. I still want to see them through each other's eyes sometimes, somehow. The above-mentioned books are good at this too, though Aubrey takes it to another level by writing whole books in the heroine's POV and then the hero's.
  • relationships that don't start immediately with sex....

Then, dislikes:

  • too many drinking scenes (what's with that? and it's usually the women, as a cheap way to get the so-called good girls to loosen up. That offends me.) Contrast that with the elegant solution in a recent episode of Netflix's House of Cards, where Claire Underwood hints at a secret to a journalist during a "meeting" while she is donating blood. She starts to feel woozy and says things she would never normally say -- BUT the situation is unexpected and surprisingly credible and she only suggests the secrets. She doesn't come right out and declare them!
  • too much graphic sex or physical description. Sorry, but oohing and aahing over the size of his tool puts me off. It's cringe-worthy.
  • dirty talk, unless it advances the relationship. And men who call their women "baby." And women who like that. Or even tolerate it.
  • writers who think men saying "I'm being an ass" (or the equivalent) excuses them from all kinds of sexist bullshit (like jealous rages, possessiveness, etc). One such annoying scene occurs in Monica Murphy's first billionaire book, Crave: Archer ends with insisting Ivy take his name when they marry, then thinks "I'm being an ass" while she backpedals to bow to his every whim. Because she loves him, natch.
  • writers who think falling in love = getting married, as if no one might want to check out living together first? in a contemporary romance?? Why can't moving in together be the new HEA?
  • heroines who are too insecure and clutzy (like Bliss in Cora Carmack's Losing It:. Why does Garrick love her? What's special about her? She doesn't know either. I liked that book, but still...).
  • books with vague titles so I can't remember afterwards what they were about or who was in them.... ie In Too DeepThe Courtship, some of the titles mentioned above, etc. Whether phrases designed to set up a series or nouns designed to suggest sex or romance, these books become a blur after I've read them. One writer who is good at avoiding this is Loretta Chase (Vixen in Velvet, etc-- those titles are suggestive and yet specific enough to remember the stories). This is one reason why I decided on just using the heroines' first names for my series.

Whoa -- I have a much longer list of dislikes than likes! Hmmm.  Any advice? Lower my standards? To be continued....